Contact your elected officials!

MAT Asphalt is applying for a 5 year operating permit – we don’t know the date of the public hearing yet, but we can still ask our representatives to oppose the permit.


Over 1,300 people have signed a petition demanding that the MAT Asphalt Plant be shut down and relocated. Join us!


In the case of MAT Asphalt, their permit requires them to not create an odor nuisance. Reporting odor nuisances is a critical part of holding them accountable to their permit. Make complaints as soon as possible after detecting an odor and provide information in as much detail.

Click here to report an odor nuisance online with the Illinois EPA
Click here to report an odor nuisance online with the US EP

You can also call:

(217) 557-6474 to reach the Illinois EPA to file an Air Complaint with Evan Yates.
(312) 886-5870 to reach the federal EPA to file an Air Complaint with Anna Wagner.

In addition to the date and time of the observation, please consider:

  1. Describe important characteristics:
  • Frequency – how often is the odor detected (continuously, daily, hourly, once a week)?
  • Intensity – how strong is the odor (very weak to very strong)?
  • Duration – how long does the odor last (seconds, minutes, hours)?
  • Offensiveness – how pleasant or unpleasant is the odor (pleasant to highly offensive)?
  • Location – where was the odor noticed (business, residence, indoors, outdoors)?
  1. Describe the odor in as much detail as possible.  Does it remind you of a familiar smell such as oil, burned-diesel, asphalt, chemicals, other?
  2. Weather during odor episode:
  • What direction was the wind from?
  • Was the wind light, moderate, or strong?
  • Was it sunny, overcast or raining?
  1. How does the odor affect you and your family or your business?