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2024/02/02Southwest Siders Call On Federal Agency To Preserve Damen Silos From Demolition [archive]Madison SavedraBlock Club Chicago
2023/11/28Brandon Johnson Touts Renewed Effort by Churches to House Migrants, As Brighton Park Base Camp Construction Begins [archive]Heather CheroneWTTW
2023/11/20Residents call Chicago report that maps neighborhood pollution flawed because calculations don’t include industrial corridors [archive]Karina AtkinsChicago Tribune
2023/11/03Brighton Park migrant base camp proposal moves forward with signed land use contract [archive]Jake SheridanChicago Tribune
2023/11/02Chicago signs land use contract for $91K per month to house migrants in vacant lot in Brighton Park [archive]Bennett Haeberle, Katy Smyser, Lisa CapitaniniNBC Chicago
2023/10/27Alderpeople Ask, ‘Where’s The Beef’ On Revived Department Of Environment? [archive]Maxwell EvansBlock Club Chicago
2023/10/24Toxic past leads to concern about Brighton Park migrant tent site [archive]Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2023/10/11Mayor Johnson proposes Chicago Department of Environment [archive]Brett ChaseSun-Times
2023/10/03‘Co-Governance’ Between Neighbors And City Is Key In Push For Environmental Reform [archive]Maxwell EvansBlock Club Chicago
2023/10/03South and West Siders plead for law to end pollution ‘sacrifice zones’ [archive]Brett ChaseSun-Times
2023/09/18Chicago, Community Leaders Publicly Release Cumulative Impact Assessment Report [archive]Mayor’s Press
2023/09/14‘This is How You Do It Right’ Environmental activists on the last couple of years, the progression of their organizing, and what they want to see next [archive]Alma CamposSouth Side Weekly
2023/08/02Chicago Teens Can Earn Money While Tending An Urban Farm, Learning About Mutual Aid [archive]Madison SavedraBlock Club Chicago
2023/07/13Stronger Regulations, Improved Air Quality Monitoring Among City Environmental Study’s Early Recommendations [archive]Maxwell EvansBlock Club Chicago
2023/07/12Chicago Officials Seek Community Input on Environmental Issues Facing Neighborhoods [archive]Eunice AlpasanWTTW News
2023/06/28Proposed Stevenson Expressway Expansion Brings Activists, Neighbors Together To Air Concerns About More Pollution [archive]Jacqueline CardenasBlock Club Chicago
2023/05/10Air Pollution Harmful To Health Is Highest Along Lakefront, Highways, New Report Says [archive]Maxwell EvansBlock Club Chicago
2023/04/21Reset with Sasha Ann-Simons — Earth Day 2023: What you can do around Chicago and its suburbs this weekend [archive]Michael LiptrotWBEZ
2023/04/06What Chicago’s new mayor means for environmental justice [archive]Siri ChilukuriGrist
2023/04/04Final Mayoral Forums Tackle Environmental Racism and Police [archive]Ryland PietrasSouth Side Weekly
2023/03/15Chicago’s Health Department Does Little To Deter Repeat Polluters, Report Finds [archive]Maxwell EvansBlock Club Chicago
2023/02/24After pollution rules revised, two asphalt makers in lead for city work [archive]Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2023/02/24Environmental Activists Doubling Down On Calls For Accountability After Leaked Hilco Demolition Report [archive]Madison SavedraBlock Club Chicago
2023/02/23Little Village wants answers from city officials after report on Crawford plant implosion [archive]Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2023/02/23Little Village activists demand action after publication of confidential report on botched Hilco smokestack demolition [archive]Karina AtkinsChicago Tribune
2023/02/23Organizaciones realizan un evento para impulsar el voto de los jóvenes en las elecciones municipales en Chicago [archive]UNIVISIONUNIVISION Chicago
2023/02/23Report: Chicago neglected environmental rules leading up to Little Village smokestack implosion [archive]FOX 32 NewsFOX 32 Chicago
2023/02/22Environmental ‘enforcement theater’ [archive]South Side WeeklySouth Side Weekly
2023/02/10Polluters like Southeast Side plant often get a pass on air-quality violations in Chicago, Sun-Times finds [archive]Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2023/02/08The Race for the Redrawn 12th Ward [archive]Alma CamposSouth Side Weekly
2023/01/05Asphalt plants ordered to cut pollution for Chicago city contracts [archive]Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2022/12/17OTL #844: Environmental justice in Chicago, The first Green Dining District in IL, The Secret History of Jo Ann Garrett [archive]Mike StephenWGN Radio – Outside the Loop Radio
2022/12/07Southwest Side Environmental Advocates Ask Pritzker To Halt Damen Silos Sale To MAT Asphalt Owner [archive]Katie FinlonBlock Club Chicago
2022/12/05Letter to Gov. Pritzker from Neighborhood Groups & Others [archive]See letter for sign-onsMcKinley Park Development Council
2022/12/05Anthony Moser: Gov. Pritzker, don’t sell the Damen Silos on the Chicago River to a polluter [archive]Anthony MoserChicago Tribune
2022/11/18Friends of the Chicago River, Openlands and Others Join Chorus Calling on Pritzker To Halt Damen Silos Sale [archive]Patty WetliWTTW
2022/11/16Damen Silos Press ConferenceNeighbors for Environmental JusticeFacebook
2022/11/11‘Chicago Tonight’ in Your Neighborhood: McKinley Park and Future of Damen Silos [archive]Acacia Hernandez, Joanna HernandezWTTW
2022/11/09Sale of Damen Silos to MAT Asphalt Owner Draws Fire From McKinley Park Activists, Who Want To Halt the Deal [archive]Patty WetliWTTW
2022/11/08Sale Of Damen Silos To MAT Asphalt Owner Protested By McKinley Park Environmental Group [archive]Katie FinlonBlock Club Chicago
2022/10/20Environmental Activists Led Tour Around McKinley Park To Spark Conversations About Environmental Justice [archive]Xuandi WangBlock Club Chicago
2022/09/05Local Environmental Advocacy Groups Take Air Monitoring Near Industrial Areas Into Their Own Hands [archive]McKenzie RichmondWTTW
2022/08/12The repercussions of environmental hazards on Chicago communities [archive]Deborah L. SheltonCrain’s Chicago Business
2022/07/29Bidders Hit Bump in Road for Chicago’s Asphalt Contract. City Rejects Offers Due to Environmental Concerns [archive]Patty WetliWTTW
2022/06/28City rejects $500 million in asphalt bids over pollution concerns [archive]Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2022/05/18Pollution ‘sacrifice zones’ must end, groups say in pushing new law [archive]Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2022/05/16What we did to analyze Chicago’s air pollution hotspots [archive]Smarth Gupta, Dillon Bergin, Derek KravitzMuckRock
2022/05/16Chicagoans who live near heavy-traffic corridors are breathing the most polluted air [archive]Smarth Gupta, Dillon Bergin, María Inés Zamudio, Brett Chase, Charmaine RunesWBEZ
2022/05/06Chicago launches Climate Action Plan [archive]Monica EngAxios Chicago
2022/04/26Daniel Robles: Earth Day to May Day represents our future [archive]Daniel RoblesChicago Tribune
2022/04/25Chicago Creeps Up American Lung Association’s List of Most Polluted Cities [archive]Jennifer CottoWTTW
2022/03/31Illinois environmental justice bill would help residents prevent pollution [archive]Kari LydersonEnergy News Network
2022/03/24Neighbors Slam McKinley Park Asphalt Plant’s Bid For $500 Million City Contract [archive]Madison SavedraBlock Club Chicago
2022/03/22Council members ask for environmental reviews on city bids [archive]Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2022/03/02McKinley Park asphalt maker seeking $500 million in city work — alarming residents [archive]Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2022/02/24New Zine Drops Knowledge On How Communities Can Make Their Voices Heard About Major Developments [archive]Maxwell EvansBlock Club Chicago
2022/02/16The Environmental Justice Exchange: A Community Plan for McKinley ParkChicago Sun-TimesYouTube
2022/01/25New Map Shows Pollution Near Your Kid’s School — And Confirms Latino Neighborhoods Are Hit The Hardest [archive]Amy QinBlock Club Chicago
2022/01/21MAT Asphalt says its air pollution is below state limits [archive]Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2021/12/09When Amazon Expands, These Communities Pay the Price [archive]Kaveh WaddellConsumer Reports
2021/07/31Illinois Attorney General Raoul looking into odor complaints around Chicago asphalt plantBrett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2021/07/28Feds jump into McKinley Park asphalt plant fracasBrett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2021/06/21The growing call for environmental justice in ChicagoCaroline KubzanskyThe CloutCast
2021/06/10Vecinos se oponen a la construcción de viviendas asequibles frente a una fábrica de asfalto en ChicagoUnivision
2021/05/28Many industries call the Southwest Side home. McKinley Park — where a controversial asphalt plant built four years ago has sparked complaints about noxious odors — is pushing back.Nausheen HusainChicago Tribune
2021/05/25McKinley Park Housing, Office Space Development Near MAT Asphalt Plant Heads Toward City Council VoteJustin Laurence, Joe WardBlock Club Chicago
2021/03/22Better than Daley: Hired Truck Kingpin Thrives under LightfootAnthony MoserRampant
2021/03/15Did Chicago Stop Enforcing Environmental Regulations?Anthony MoserRampant
2021/01/29MAT Asphalt Owner Gets $10 Million Tax Break For Completed Building Under Program Meant To Spur DevelopmentJustin LaurenceBlock Club Chicago
2020/10/08City Repeatedly Breaks Promises To South Siders When Approving Polluters And DemolitionsMaxwell Evans, Mauricio PeñaBlock Club Chicago
2020/10/06Lightfoot’s Air Pollution Ordinance Stuck in City Council CommitteeFran Spielman, Brett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2020/09/11McKinley Park Neighbors Stage ‘People’s Hearing’ On Controversial Asphalt PlantPascal SabinoBlock Club Chicago
2020/09/01City Considers Plan to Move MAT AsphaltJerome McDonaldWBEZ
2020/08/28City explores moving controversial McKinley Park asphalt plantBrett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2020/08/28City rejects affordable housing funding for McKinley Park, citing nearby asphalt plantBrett ChaseChicago Sun-Times
2020/07/06Activists Pushing to Close McKinley Park Asphalt Plant Protest in Front of Owner’s HomePatty WetliWTTW
2020/07/02The Hedges Are Gone, But Protesters Now Want Wealthy Lakeview Homeowner To Close His Southwest Side Asphalt PlantColin Boyle, Justin LaurenceBlock Club Chicago
2020/06/30A Wealthy Family Planted Hedges On Park District Land To Make A Personal Front Yard, Inspector General AllegesJustin Laurence, Bob ChiaritoBlock Club Chicago
2020/04/14Risk Is in the AirTaylor MooreSouth Side Weekly
2020/03/12McKinley Park Neighbors Prep for Showdown With EPA Over Asphalt PlantPatty WetliWTTW
2020/03/11Residentes de McKinley Park se oponen a que renueven los permisos de operación de una planta de asfaltoNatalie PerezUnivision
2020/01/21Email Ties Alderman Cardenas To PolluterJacqueline SerratoSouth Side Weekly
2019/04/16Polluting Asphalt Plant In McKinley Park Surprised Local Leaders, Now A State Bill Requires State EPA To Warn ThemPascal SabinoBlock Club Chicago
2019/03/28Amid Concerns Over Dust, Controversial McKinley Park Asphalt Plant Applies For EPA Permit AgainPascal SabinoBlock Club Chicago
2019/01/29McKinley Park Asphalt Plant Gives Away 1,000 Turkeys As Some Neighbors Work To Boot Plant From NeighborhoodPascal SabinoBlock Club Chicago
2018/10/25Interactive Map: Pollution Hits Chicago’s West South Sides HardestBrett ChaseBetter Government Association
2018/10/11Environmental Justice Issues to Take Center Stage at Community Meeting Thursday in Little VillageMauricio PeñaBlock Club Chicago
2018/08/12Environmental Group Launches as Counterpoint to New Industrial DevelopmentJustin KerrMcKinley Park News
2018/08/06Fed-up Residents on South, West Sides Fight City Hall Over Influx of Polluting IndustriesBrett ChaseBetter Government Association
2018/07/29McKinley Park group rallies neighbors to push back against asphalt plant, lack of notificationTony BriscoeTribune
Outraged residents say they weren’t notified about new asphalt plant in McKinley Park
Gaynor HallWGN
2018/06/29Worried about fumes, McKinley Park residents say officials failed to notify them about asphalt plant being built nearbyTony BriscoeChicago Tribune
2018/03/29Asphalt Plant to Begin Production This Spring in Central Manufacturing DistrictJustin KerrMcKinley Park News