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Connected Companies

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MAT Asphalt is part of a family of companies owned by a family of people. The people are the Tadins: primarily Michael Tadin Sr and Michael A Tadin Jr.

Most of the companies are incorporated at 4450 S Morgan Ave, and do substantial amounts of business with each other. For example, MAT Asphalt sits on land owned by T&B Limited and supplies asphalt for contracts granted to MAT Leasing.

These companies seem to be set up at least in part to avoid accountability. MAT Asphalt owner Michael Tadin Jr was asked about illegal dumping at 4010 S Damen Ave; his answer, credulously reported:

“The incident did not occur on our property and had no affiliation to MAT Asphalt ownership or operations,” he said.

However, MAT Asphalt does list 4010 S Damen Ave as their address; the property is owned by T&B Limited, which owns their property as well; and that company is owned by his father and incorporated at the same address as MAT Asphalt.

Here is a (likely incomplete) list of companies connected to the Tadins and MAT Asphalt:

35th Street Partners
M.A.T. Construction Leasing , Inc.
M.A.T. Leasing, Inc.
M.A.T. Construction, Inc.
Marina Cartage, Inc.
Marina Express, Inc.
Marina Leasing, Inc.
Marina Waste Transfer
Marina Xpress
Marina Xpress Intermodal
MAT Waste Northwest, Inc.
Michael Tadin Building Account
MMT Investments, Inc.
Morgan Street Development, LLC
MT Transit, Inc.
Riverbend Real Estate Investment, LLC
T & B Limited Partnership
T & B Ltd.
T & B Ltd.
Western Warehouse, Inc.